Treats For Dogs

Healthy Dog Treats


One of the finest tools for finding healthy pet treats is checking the ingredients indicated on the package. If you want dog treats chicken flavored, ensure that 'chicken treat' heads the list of components. In case the chicken feature is way down on the list, find another option. Another big tackle is the calorie count. Don't be over excited by the high amount of calorie in a treat because too many calories in a day may turn to be unhealthy. So, here are some of the best-recommended treats for dogs.


Vitamins and fiber rich treats


Our pets deserve to eat balanced diets just like us. Treats rich in vitamins and fiber are healthy and nutritious. If you want healthy pet treats for small dogs, go for those with carrots because dogs enjoy the crunchy chewy texture. Also, those made of green beans are very good. Even though all vegetables and fruits are healthy for your dogs, it is not advisable to give your pet treats with grapes, sultanas, or raisins flavors because they are toxic.


Fruit based dog treats


If you want your pet to eat some fresh fruits, the best idea is to buy those crunchy treats such as banana chips and apple crisps. These ones are convenient to carry in the treat bag. Each chip contains freeze-dried fruits, meaning that the original banana and apple nutrients are retained in them. You can as well include pumpkin, pecan, and sweet potato flavored chips in your treat bag. Interestingly, the fruit-based treats do not have chemical additives. Know where to buy healthy dog treats here!


Meat based dog treats


As said earlier, it is nice to check the ingredients on the package before buying any dog treat. Meat based treats are ideal for dogs, but they should have a lovely flavor that doesn't make your hands stink. You can choose those with low calories and high protein because they are more nutritious. However, beware of the replicas that are stuffed with filler materials such as wheat and corn. These fillers can be harmful, especially for small dogs because they cannot digest the materials.


Biscuit dog treats


Biscuits are healthy treats for small dogs. Just like our young kids, they also love chewing the crunchy biscuits. However, natural dog treats are high recommended because they contain no preservatives. You can find biscuit treats with ingredients like chicken, oatmeal, cheddar, sweet potato, cheese, or apples. Since they are non-greasy and dry, they can be carried and won't mess your purse up.